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June & July Update

Posted on July 18, 2011 at 11:12 AM

Hello all,

Trust you are well... June started with my 2nd visit to The Faraday club in Slough - a country only club with a fabulous atmosphere, I then went down to the Carrington hotel in Bournemouth for the IOW Tours, working with Mel Fisher, had a great night with everybody.
I was then all the way up in Hamsterley, which was a fabulous night, great to see people I've not seen in a while, was also lovely to stay with my 2nd family, 'The Aylotts'.

I had a rare Friday night off, so went over to my lovely friend Vicki's house for dinner, it was gorgeous, great food, great wine and great company and I got to meet baby Hannah - who is just adorable!!
Saturday I was at the Route 66 club in Worthing, which, as always, has the most amazing atmosphere, and they seem to know every dance there ever was!!
Many thanks to Mike & Margaret x
Michelle & I then had an all day event in Harlow for Mark Guichard - Michelle was super - and I had a great night with them all - even had a surprise visitor arrive (Richard Palmer) who came up and sang Blue Night Cha with me... well done Mark & Shelley for organising this great event.

15th June was a great day - I picked up my beautiful friend Nina from the airport, as she came over for 2 weeks from Australia visiting... it was lovely to spend time with her, I miss her a lot!
Did a charity event with my brother and his band up in London, superb night, again raising ridiculous amounts of money!!!
I then travelled down to Brighton on the Friday to surprise my friend Sam on her hen night - it was worth the trip just to see her face!!  It was so much fun, I particularly loved the 'Butlers in the Buff'!!  Very funny!!
Off to Haddenham next - 2nd visit here - great night, lovely to see Adam & Claire, who provided me with a pit stop for Coffee on the way!
Weekend finished at Mundesley for Double HH, I did an afternoon spot and then another spot in the evening alongside Texas Tornadoes, always lovely working with them...especially Pete!!

I then had my Childrens Music Festival for the next 4 days. This was my third time directing this - and probably my favourite year... 900 children singing their hearts out!  I was so proud of them all, they excelled themselves this year!!
I was off on Friday up to Hemsby to sing at Lisa Thurleys event, always a great night with her and her crowd!!!  Lisa will always be unique!!
Maggie G & Craig Bennett were there, lovely to spend time with Craig, what a sweetie! x
After playing for some music theatre exams, I was off to a 180th birthday party!! Well, 3 people celebrating their 60th's!!  Lovely night, and made some new friends too... can't be bad!!
Sunday brought the annual Riverboat Shuffle for Janis Budgen, its just so much fun watching line dancers trying to dance when the boat is rocking!!!
Lovely to have the gorgous Robert Lindsay on there again! Thank you Janis x

I took Nina with me on Monday as I was singing in Histon, Cambs, she was brilliant at winding the speakers up and down!!!  Had to have a little bit of acapella singing when all the power went off, but great crowd, they all joined in!!

Then our favourite weekend arrived, it was Peace-Trains jolly to Torquay, travelled down on the Thursday (in my new van!!!!) all passengers arrived on Friday, and then the fun began!! Disco Friday night with Shell & Tony, Westcoasters Saturday night (who were fab) and me on Sunday.... Such a great event, Shell, Tony & Kath always give 100% in everything that they do.  Trying to remember what Shell taught... Mr Saxobeat.....All of me.....Hard to be a girl.....Cryin over you... The Wobble.... there's probably more but can't remember at the moment!!
Had a fantastic time, didn't want to come home!

We went to see Shenfield Operatic's version of The MIkado on Tuesday, very enjoyable, well done to Rick for his director debut, huge well done to Adrian Ure who made the society sound fabulous, and in particular well done to Stuart, who, for me, made the show.

Had auditions on Thursday for Beauty & the Beast, we now have an incredible cast, can't wait to start on rehearsals in September.

Had a lovely night in Burnham for Sandra Kirkham, who not only gave me flowers at the end of the night but had also made me a musical thank you card, felt very spoilt!!  Great night with all.. lovely to have Julesinder and JB there!!
Went to the Viking on Saturday, which for me, was the best night I'd had there, was on with the lovely Rob Childs - this was his first solo gig and he was fabulous!!
Lovely to meet Fiesta too - great girl.
Weekend finished at Rosemarie's club in Bedford, always have a fab night with this lot!!  Lovely to see Kim, Sandie, and all the troops!!

I then travelled up north on Monday, heading for Washington (Tyne & Wear), stopped off at Rachael's class in York, lovely to see her, Gill & Ian.
Stayed over, then witnessed a Zumba class on Tuesday morning (have promised to get involved next time! - for my sins!) This was just incredible, Zumba was made for this girl, I have no idea how they kept their stamina up for an entire hour - as Rachael is a task master!!  Loved it though - never seen anything like it!!

Travelled up to 'The Aylotts' once again - had a beautiful dinner made for me and an irish coffee (of course!) then went to Chester-Le-Street to sing at Alec & Ann's club.... WOW - what a night!!  They are so lovely there and I had a blast with them all!!  Lovely to have Brian & Grace come to the gig, and great to see Kamila & Leslie (and Roksana of course!).
Wednesday - I took myself off to the shops to pick up a couple of pressies, then took Brian & Grace out for lunch before the next gig in Gatehead.  Another great night - although could have done without the stairs!!! Thanks once again to Brian, Jordan, Kamila & Roksana for coming to this gig too!
I left early in the morning to get back to play piano at my friends wedding... Claire looked absolutely stunning and so did my sister-in-law and my nieces who were bridesmaids!  Gorgeous!

Went up to Tina Argyles club in Wreningham on Friday, so great to work with her again, its been too long!  Fab night - lovely to see Melissa, Adam, Claire and of course Oo & Oaf!!
Saturday aftenoon I went to watch my nieces in their dance show, I blubbed like a baby!! They were amazing... also Amanda (my sister-in-law) was fabulous in the adult tap group. They performed a Riverdance piece - very proud!
Saturday night was Peace-Trains Summer social, although BBQ had to be indoors due to our typical British weather!  Great night, hall looked fab, dancers were all in their bright colours and an excellent mix of dances.
Travelled back down to Torquay yesterday to perform at Dom & Matt's event, this was my 3rd year with them all, and it was an amazing night - they were so loud and crazy - just how it should be!!
Lovely to properly meet Neville & Julie - great couple.

Apart from the normal work, only have one gig this weekend, so going to make the most of having Friday & Sunday off!!

Speak soon
N x

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